How grades work at SPC

Grades work a little different while students are placed at the Special Programs Center.  If your student is enrolled in PAP classes, AP, Duel Credit and/or OnRamps courses their grades will still come from their Home Campus.  Likewise, all elective course grades will also come from the Home Campus. 

If your student is enrolled in On-level classes, our teachers will assign the grades.  However, if your student comes to us after a grading period has started, our teachers will calculate the grade they had received before arriving with the grade received while they are with us. 

We will send a paper copy of the Progress Report home with the student's point sheet.  If it is the end of a Six Weeks, we report their grades to the Home Campus along with a paper copy from us.

You may still receive information via Home Access Center that states otherwise, and if you have concerns please contact us and we will give you an update for your student's progress.