SPC Dress Code

Special Programs Center

DAEP-Special Programs Center
501 Schoolhouse Rd. Haslet, TX 76052
Susan Moore-Principal
Hours 8:30-4:00
Phone: 817-215-0900

The Special Programs Center dress code must be followed in addition to the district dress code as outlined in the NISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. The Special Programs Center dress code is posted on the campus website. Students are required to be in dress code everyday, including the first day of placement.

All students are reminded that all attire must be in good taste. Clothes are not to be shared with other students.


  • Solid color t-shirt, polo-type, or button-down shirt
  • Long or short sleeved
  • Logos must be smaller than 2X2 inches

Coats and Sweatshirts:

  • Coats and/or jackets are not permitted in classrooms. (Daily storage location provided.)
  • Solid color, pull-over sweaters or sweatshirts are permitted
  • Sweatshirts must be free of pockets and hoods
  • Logos must be smaller than 2X2 inches

Pants, shorts, or skirts:

  • Solid color jeans, slacks, shorts or skirts (length per NISD Code of Conduct)
  • Garments must be free of holes and have a finished hem
  • No cargo, sweatpants or athletic shorts are permitted
  • Leggings, jeggings and tights are not permitted
  • Belts are not required, but must contain school appropriate designs if worn
  • Pants must be worn at the natural waist


  • Shoes must have a closed heel and toe
  • House shoes are not acceptable footwear
  • Shoes must be secure to the feet at all times


  • Hats, caps and bandanas are not permitted
  • Gloves, sunglasses, or distracting accessories are not permitted
  • Backpacks/bags are not permitted (Purses will be checked in at front upon arrival.)
  • Cell phones need to be left at home or in your vehicle

The Special Programs Center is not responsible for inappropriate items brought to school. Confiscated items may be returned to parents at the end of the program placement.

Parents will be contacted when students are in violation of the rules, dress code, or policies of the Special Programs Center. Parents may be required to pick up students. If parents cannot be contacted, students may be placed in ISS the remainder of the day (with possible loss of points) and suspended the following day.