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Special Programs Center Guidelines
for Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placements 2021-2022

  1. Students are expected to complete the Disciplinary Alternative Educational Program (DAEP) program requirements successfully while attending the Special Programs Center
  2. In keeping with the public school attendance laws in the State of Texas, attendance requirements will be adhered to. According to state law, students may be denied course credit due to excessive absences. The SPC will follow the district Student Handbook and Code of Conduct guidelines. Parents should notify the SPC front office staff when a student is going to be absent and provide appropriate documentation upon the student’s return to campus. This information and any documentation will be forwarded to the home campus.
  3. Students are responsible for their textbooks and district issued electronic devices. Students will be held to all home campus and district policies governing textbook/electronic device damage, loss and return.
  4. The SPC adheres to all district policies in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct (SHCOC). In addition, the following guidelines apply to SPC students:
    • The SPC dress code must be followed.
    • Students assigned to the SPC are not permitted to have cell phones or electronic devices other than the district issued chromebook. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic device other than their school issued chromebook to campus. The SPC will follow the SHCOC rules regarding violation of electronic device policies and procedures.
    • Drinks carried into the SPC must be in the original, sealed container. No glass bottles allowed.
  5. Students are not allowed on any other Northwest ISD campus during their DAEP placement unless they meet the requirements outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Students on any campus other than the SPC will be subject to trespassing laws. Students must remain in the designated areas of the SPC, or they will be subject to trespassing laws. See Notice of Trespass for more information.
  6. Students who drive a vehicle must park in the SPC campus parking area and abide by all SPC parking rules. Vehicles are subject to being searched. Students who drive must have proper documentation and registration of their vehicle on the home campus prior to being permitted to drive to the SPC.
  7. Upon arrival to campus, students are required to enter the building and wait in the assigned location. Upon dismissal, students must stay in the assigned location until picked up. Students who drive are dismissed and required to leave the NISD complex immediately and are not permitted to give other rides to other students, unless arranged 24 hours in advance with administrative approval.
  8. Students must follow all NISD Safety Guidelines as outlined in the SCOC and per NISD policy.

Please print, sign and return this copy of the Special Programs Center Guidelines.