Level System



Levels and Point Systems

The Special Programs Center uses a campus disciplinary program that allows students to earn points for positive behaviors. As points accumulate, students progress to different levels that provide the students with more privileges and greater responsibility. Students are expected to successfully complete all levels of the discipline management system in order to be considered for return to the home campus.

Point System:

  • Students start each day with 100 points – 70 points consists of 10 points for each of 7 class periods; 30 points for behavior before/after school, during lunch, class transitions, restroom, dress code compliance, and return of daily point sheet. Points are deducted from the daily total throughout the day for violations or infractions. Extra/Bonus points can be earned in each class period for behavior “above and beyond”.
  • Students must earn approximately 83% of the possible points to be eligible to return to their home campus.
  • Each day, students are expected to return the point sheet brought home the prior day. Point sheets are to be signed by a parent or guardian. Points will be deducted for point sheets not turned in the following day.
  • Students who receive a Student Discipline Report (involving a referral to the principal) will have 12 or 31 points deducted from their daily total.
  • Students shall not receive less than zero points for their daily point total. 
  • Absences (either full or partial day) will not result in a loss of a Level (see level criteria, below). However, no points are earned when a student is absent.
  • Students who drop below Level 1, or drop from Level 2 to Level 1, will have silent lunch the following day.
  • After passing a review, students must maintain good behavior and produce passing work prior to release.

Level 1:

  • All students start on Level 1.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 70 points for a successful Level 1 day.
  • Students must earn five successful Level 1 days to advance to Level 2.

Level 2:

  • Students must earn a minimum of 85 points to have a successful Level 2 day.
  • If students do not earn a Level 2 successful day, students return to Level 1 status.
  • Students must be on Level 2 to qualify for return to their home campus.