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Grades/Home Access Center

Grades work a little differently here than on the home campus.  Students remain enrolled on their home campus while they are at the Special Programs Center.  We serve students in grades 6th thru 12th on our campus. 

Students will still be enrolled in the same classes they attended at the home campus.  We follow the District’s Scope and Sequence that all campuses use to ensure students stay on track. 

Our teachers will take over instruction and grades for students enrolled in on level classes.  Students enrolled in PAP, AP, Dual Credit/On Ramps classes and electives will receive work and grades from their home campus teachers.  Students will stay in communication with their home campus teachers through email and their Moodle pages. 

Please note, Home Access Center will not be as up to date while the students are with us, especially in regards to the upper level classes.  Our teachers will work with the home campus teachers and students to make sure they have what they need for class.

We will report grades to the home campus at the end of six weeks and when students complete their placement.

Mrs. Foster will go over these procedures and answer any questions that you may have during the intake meeting.